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Sense of Belonging

Wherever we go, in any place in the world, we bring with us the colours, aromas and flavors of Napoli. We never forget our roots or our emigrating pizza makers. Our values are always with us.


We don’t need to use hydrogenated fats, industrial sauces, glutamates or, even worse, genetically modified ingredients to make the food we prepare tasty. “Who follows the rules of Nature does not need any recipes”.


The co-operation among all the elements of the restaurant team, from the dishwasher to the headwaiter, is essential to reach our main goal of customer satisfaction. Each restaurant is a knot that gives strength to our network.

Environmental Friendly

We care about nature and the environment so we pay attention to every material used, in order to have a continuous improvement toward full eco-compatibility. ”When they’ll pollute last river, shoot down last tree, catch last bison, fish last fish, then they will realise that it is not possible to eat money funded in their banks.” (Tatanka Iyotake, Sioux, 1831-1890)

Social commitment

We are personally committed to social projects that grants to poor people the chance to recover and redeem their future.