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The history

Giuseppe, Antonio and Gennaro La Bufala, better known as “la Bufala brothers”, were born in Eboli, a pleasant town in the hinterland of Salerno, Italy. After the untimely death of their father, a mozzarella cheese producer, the young brothers had to make a choice; take over their father’s business or abandon everything and go on to seek adventure. They decided on the latter. After selling the business and equally sharing the proceeds between them, the three went their separate ways. Giuseppe (Pippo) the first born had always dreamed of opening a restaurant, so he moved to New York, where he found a job as a pizza maker in an Italian restaurant. Antonio (Toto) settled in Madrid and opened a flamenco school while Gennaro the youngest, who had dreams of becoming a painter travelled to Paris and found employment as a night watchman in a garage. Over the following years, Pippo made his fortune by opening his own pizza restaurant in New York whilst Toto followed his lead and established the biggest pizza restaurant in Madrid. In 2000 Gennaro followed suit and opened a pizza restaurant in Milan while continuing to paint. Eventually the three brothers decide to resurrect their father’s business, creating the Fratelli La Bufala brand in 2003. After opening a pizzeria in Tokio, where they achieved great success, they decided to live out their lifelong dream by coming back home to Campania. They introduced their brand using an innovative Japanese marketing technique. Gennaro kept his passion for arts, his paintings can be found on display in FLB restaurants all over the world.